About Me


One thing you may be surprised to learn about me is that I have not lead the typical glamorous, fashion packed life that you might expect from a traditional stylist.

My career path in NYC began in the wonderful world of finance where I realized my clothes had to be my armor, my protection through those crazy days on Wall Street. As a 5’2 small blonde girl my personal style gave me an edge in a sea of blue suits. Picture me sitting on a trading desk next to dudes who had NO idea about gifts for their girlfriends or even what to wear on a date! My female friends in the industry were picking my brain for what I was buying and how I was going to style that item for both work and weekend. During this time I developed a passion for and discovered how to help both men and women find their personal style as well as a few great gifts for their significant others, friends, and family using a budget that suited their lifestyle.

Even though my days on Wall Street weren’t exactly fulfilling my passion at the time, I have to admit I did learn a thing or two. What I learned about fashion from my days in finance: Clothing can either make you the most confident person in the room, or if not carefully thought out, the most insecure. If it sounds a little superficial, let me explain why it’s not.

Think for a moment about when you are dressed up for an important event vs when you are lounging around in your PJs or running errands in sweats. How different do you feel? Do you carry yourself in a different manner? The outfit you wear not only changes how you feel about yourself, but sets the tone no matter what your day may bring. Don’t you want to feel like a million bucks every time you walk out the door?

Do you want to find fun and confidence in your wardrobe that you never could have imagine existed? Together we will sort through that closet, shop for the most important or frivolous events in your life, and as a result make you feel like the best version of yourself. (AKA Amazing!)

If you can start the day off on the right foot (in the right shoe) AND the right outfit (attitude) imagine the possibilities that your newfound confidence will bring you.

So my gift to you is a selection of gift ideas that your family and friends will LOVE + a YOU section of Wrapped for my favorite seasonal pieces that will round out YOUR wardrobe. AKA gifts for everyone 🙂

When you decide now is the time you’re ready to begin to look and feel your absolute best, contact me at wrappedbyjam@gmail.com for your free consultation so that you can have the confidence you know you want and need in every aspect of your life.

XO, Julie