Best Birthday Presents: January

best birthday presents

Best Birthday Presents: January

best birthday presentsJanuary= Winter + Snow+ Resolutions. That was my formula for picking out the best birthday presents for all of the lovely Capricorn (and some Aquarius) people in your life. I mean I can really only speak for those of us living in the Northeast, BUT after the #bombcyclone that hit the whole East side of the country maybe a few more of you will appreciate these gifts as well 🙂

For both the guys and girls I tried to think of a few health/beauty/fitness gifts that will help them stick to their resolutions or maybe even motivate them to set one (hey, better late than never)!

I chucked in a few cold weather gifts that will be great for skiing or even just walking around in these FRIGID temps. I mean I thought I had enough leggings and layers, but clearly I don’t when I’m doubling up every day…a few more would make a great gift!

I tried to put one BIG ticket item in both the guys and girls section because you know what- your significant other probably deserves something nice considering they put up with your family all holiday season…just saying 😉

Best Birthday Presents for the Guys:

Now listen I totally get it…what about you?! You put up with THEIR family as well 🙂 So click HERE for my top health and wellness gifts to help you UNWIND post holiday’s. Happy shopping!

XO, Julie
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