No Clothing Allowed: Non-Clothing Gift Ideas for Men & Women

No Clothing Allowed! Gift Ideas that are NOT clothes

non-clothing giftsNow guys, I don’t SUPPORT this, but I guess I GET it. There are gifts people would want OUTSIDE of clothing. I know. It’s mind boggling. I know. But the more I researched things a little outside of MY comfort zone I couldn’t stop adding gifts to this list! I’m actually pretty excited about this NON- CLOTHING gifts for men & women.

Upon reflecting on the gifts featured in this list I realized that these little non clothing items will make life EASIER and definitely a little less STRESSFUL for the cook, traveler, or even commuter in your life.  They are gifts that could stand alone OR be the perfect little extra something you add to a group of gifts. In case you needed a little EXTRA help I added who I think these gifts would be perfect for in the caption 🙂

I mean what better way to celebrate the end of the week with a Clothing Optional Gift List Party!

Need a few more ideas? I totally get it sometimes one gift is never enough 🙂 In case you missed it…check out my complete holiday gift guide HERE <3 Don’t worry, next week I will tackle the ALWAYS difficult MOM & DAD gifts as well as a few other fun lists to keep your holiday season easyyyy and happy!

XO, Julie
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