Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Mom & Dad

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and Dad

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Mom & Dad

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and DadThe countdown to the HOLIDAYS is ON! And for most of us we head back home to hang with Mom & Dad. AND let me tell you I think the HARDEST gifts to buy are for your parents! I mean every year thinking of a unique present that is something they will actually like, is stylish, AND affordable. I mean. I can’t.

BUT then again they did give birth to you, raise you, and probably helped you navigate a few life situations like breakups, weddings, and maybe even helped you move a time or two (or 30 if you live in NYC)!

So they actually kinda deserve the best around the holidays because let’s be honest – we are pretty lucky to have them as our parents no matter how big of a zoo our family can be at times.

For Mom: I kept the gifts pretty classic, but tried to find things with a new detail, or color, and focused on things that were reasonably priced, but still made her feel a little luxurious when she is wearing or using. Without further ado…

For Dad:

Maybe clothing & accessories aren’t doing it for ya- here is my holiday NO CLOTHES ALLOWED gift list.  And now that Mom & Dad are taken care of make sure you check out my GIFT GUIDE so you can cross off some other people off your list so we can finally get back to shopping for you 🙂

Leave a comment with your favorite gift ideas even if they aren’t mentioned! Let’s help each other and get through the holidays stress free!

XO, Julie
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