Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day gifts for him

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day gifts for himYes you heard me- Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM. Everyone seems to publish their Valentine’s Day Gift Guides and they always feature stuff for the GALS. Which I totally get it- we are the shoppers, the spenders, and the best hint givers when it comes to getting gifts. BUT what happens when the hints have been dropped AND you know you are getting what YOU want…WHAT ABOUT HIM?!

Because let’s face it…Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM are probably the hardest to come by. Like what do you GET HIM?! They might care about clothes (maybe a little), they might care about accessories (maybe a little), and MAYBE just MAYBE they care about their appearance in general.

I have HOPE though ladies because let’s be honest most of us have some sort of TRIP planned between now and summer. AND that trip is either BEACH or SKI. SO working our gift magic here why don’t we find some great gifts that we can give them that they can take or wear or either vacation 🙂

My second thought depending on how far into the relationship you are, etc.,etc. is to maybe pair one of the gifts below with an ACTIVITY you can do on said trip. Maybe those ski socks will correspond with a fun apres ski drinks you planned at his favorite place OR the flip flops will be perfect at dinner on beach you planned for the trip…get those creative juices flowing and I bet you will NAIL the BEST Valentine’s Day Gift for HIM yet!

Check out my list below of some of the BEST ideas to get him ready for your next trip, wedding, or just LIFE 🙂

Now Ladies…they won’t know if you add a little something in for YOURSELF <3 I mean it is Valentine’s Day! Here are my favorite girly pink finds to brighten up your day even if you dude doesn’t 🙂 MUAH.

XO, Julie
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